Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20th bows

This first one is a blue bandana cowgirl $5 on lined ali clip

Pink and brown cap says "Ride em" made this for a friend
$5 on lined ali clip

Doxies are close to my heart so I made this on a lined ali clip it's $5

Monday, July 18, 2011

Last of the new bows for today

Kawaii style Ariel $5 on lined alligator clip

Kawaii style Tinkerbell! $4 on pony o

Purple skull $4 on pony o

This is for my friend Laurieann firefighter bow

Purple skull #2 $5 on french clip

More bottlecap image bows!

This is for my niece Olivia she is going to Jr Olympics again this year and theur shirts are green.

Tink is favorite around here lol $4 pony o

Kawaii style Alice in Wonderland $5 on lined alligator clip

Mexican Pride! I made this because I have alot of hispanics in my life including my fiance and his daughters. $5 on lined alligator clip

Minnie Mouse head on lined alligator clip $5

New bows July 18th bottlecaps!!!

colorful owl bow with purple owl bottlecap....$5 on lined alligator clip

Red, wgite and blue Chicago Cubs bow! $5 on lined alligatoir clip

Light bluw and white bow with a little kitty bottlecap it says rain rain go away $5 on lined alligator clip

My little raincloud $5 on lined alligator clip

Mickey Mouse Kawaii style $5 on lined alligator clip

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More new bows July 14th

bright green baby bow on baby barette $2

Pastel sunburst bow $3

 Purple and pink sunburst bow $3

 Lilac polka dotted layered bow on lined alligator clip $3

New bows July 14th

Purple and polka dots on lined alligator clip $3

Set of 2 lilac butterfly plastic baby barettes $3

pastel polka dot layered bow $3 on plastic barettes

Brown and green french clip loopy bow $4

red white and black polka dot layered bow $3 on lined alligator clip

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

last bows for today July 12th

blue polka dotted bow on a lined alligator clip $3

Purple and colored owl on baby barette $2

colored owls and lavender on baby barette $2

blue and white on baby barette $2